Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Author Visit To Mubeen School, Lahore, Pakistan

Today, has been a day of awe, and inspiration. Being invited to a school set up especially for children that would otherwise not be able to afford an education, this visit by far has been a most humbling experience.

I have learnt that education in most cases in Pakistan is not free, and any free education currently available by the government is of very little standard with extremely limited resources. Aspirations are low, and in these cases further education is literally unheard of with only a tiny percentage continuing on to further study. This school does something unique.


As a nonprofit organisation, it provides high quality education for children from impoverished families, by taking only a minimal contribution from parents to help cover teacher salaries and some maintenance. The idea behind this is to allow parents to take ownership of their childrens' education to ensure that they regularly attend and keep up with homework and study. This also helps curb problems with attendance, and children dropping out to work with parents to earn money.

It was amazing to witness the zeal of the teachers to give these children the best education that they can provide. It was apparent in the positive attitude of the leadership team at the school,and most of all in the high aspirations the children aim for. 

While speaking with many of the children I asked them what they wanted to be when they grow up. I met children who wished to be doctors, pilots, teachers, engineers, office workers, bankers and much more. 

The school has over 700 children on roll, ages ranging from kindergarten to class 10. It offers all core subjects aswell as ICT, social studies. Islamic studies, Qur'an is also taught alongside the main subjects and children here are being offered a solid foundation in education so that they can go on the achieve great things.

I made lots of lovely little friends today that asked me to return. I hope and pray that I can return soon, and catch up with the wonderful, hospitable children and staff of Mubeen School whose kindness has been enormous. 

A school with a big heart. I pray this school much success and hope that I can do more in the near future to aid and support this school to help improve its facilities. 

© Aisha Mirza April 2015

pictures ©Aisha Mirza April 2015

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