Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Connecting with your Creative Soul.

I believe that creativity is in all of us, we just have different expressions of it.

Having a heightened awareness of the self and developing an eye for detail I feel is fundamental. To do this I believe it’s about forming stillness and giving ourselves space to allow for creative voices to rise within us, finding courage to express our own creative thinking in ways that are most honest and sincere to us. A genuine expression is often an enjoyable one.

It’s often about finding the source; the inspiration. What gives us an emotional high?

And once this connection is made then what?  

Like many things we want to give longevity to, creativity is something that has to be nurtured; allowing space for growth and development. Like a running stream it can never remain stagnant. It’s a fluid journey, constantly flowing; regularly needing to be replenished otherwise it runs dry.

Too often when the word creativity is thrown into the room immediately many respond by saying “I’m not a creative person” and people say that it conjures images of painting, photography, sculpture, music, theatre, dance and performance. I believe it’s all down to perceptions.

I believe that there is creativity in all that we do; there is an art in most things. Art for me I feel spills into so many elements of life. It doesn't have to necessarily be limited to the stories we write or the pictures we paint, but can be found in the masterpieces we make in our daily lives; from the food we cook to even the conversations we hold.

Skills can be artistic.

Skills and art where’s the link I hear you ask? Yes even skills that wouldn't necessarily be categorised or even considered as anywhere near artistic, I believe can have original, imaginative and resourceful elements. It is when a skill becomes so enjoyable and such a pleasure that it takes over our senses as we know them; we become immersed. It is the skills that over time are crafted, fashioned and perfected, meaning that there is a conscious and continual engagement to produce something better.

Take the example of Tajweed and the learning of how to read the Qur’an with correct recitation. Learning the rhythm, short or long letters, pauses all take great skill and many believe it is a technical science however I believe it is a beautiful art also. I only have to look at the canvass, the sheer beauty that Allah swt has created around me to realise that there is a natural intrinsic desire within each and everyone one of us to be creative.

It’s just a matter of time that when we dim voices of the world, give space, allow stillness that we shall hear the voices of our soul rise… then watch the creativity pour forth.  


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