Monday, 1 September 2014

Under the sky...

As they sat on the jetty, tentatively perched on the edge of the lakeside the silence between them was as deep as the lake itself. His eyes scoured the mountains for a spot to rest his thoughts. She dare not disturb his search, his burden was heavy and he was weary. No words did she exchange, but spoke to him in a thousand silent ways.

The sun softly placed its warming hand upon her back while the breeze scooting across the lake, tickled its fingers about her face. She dare not look at him. She just stared out across the lake, hoping that somewhere on the mountain upon which he scoured they would accidentally meet. That they would come face to face and their eyes would reach into the depths of their souls and unearth the words, that each of them longed to hear. That life prevented from emerging, to flourish on their lips. Just say...

"I think we best return and re-join the group" he finally spoke, breaking the dialogue that was free running through her mind. All of a sudden, her thoughts came tumbling down around her like loose rocks, slipped upon under footing. She was surprised he wasn't startled by the noise they made. He didn't look at her as he carefully stood, nor did he look at her as she waited for him to pass. She inhaled as much of this precious moment as her lungs would allow and slowly rose turning, to see him stood waiting for her at the end of the jetty.

Her pace quickened as her heart skipped. Her mind fervently fought the muscles in her face preventing the upturning lips breaking into smile. She lowered her gaze as she approached, afraid that he would catch sight of the reality hiding in the shadows of her eyes. He would recognise her quivering heart; the reverberation through her body as it trembled. That he would hear the echoes of her essence; familiar yet unfamiliar. Desperately seeking a distraction her eyes fixed to the ground where two tiny ants were busy in their daily work. After all, she knew that if their eyes were to meet; she would be lost forever and perhaps he would be to.

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